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    Education Is Key is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and an on-going annual campaign. NeeKKo launched the Education Is Key campaign to fundraise money for scholarships for inner city students of Los Angeles. The organization and campaign promotes education and is providing an example of self sufficiency for the community. Neekko quotes ” I want this to be the F.U.B.U. of fundraising.” In other words she’s connecting members of the area to raise money for a cause that will benefit them directly which conveys the power of unity. For the first year, NeeKKo managed to raise $5,000 with the community and grant five scholarships to five inner city students from Los Angeles.


    Join NeeKKo as she commits to raise money and continue to give out scholarships annually to more inner city students moving forward!


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    Nicole "nEEkko" lindseY

    Neekko (Instagram: @yourgirlneekko) is a host, producer, and the founder of the Education Is Key, from Los Angeles, CA who’s managed to launch a career independently and make a positive impact on the community. As a host, she has made it clear that she is the one to set the tone at your event. Neekko began her career during her studies at UC Santa Barbara and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. Her mission is to be an entertainer with a purpose by radiating light and positivity in every setting through her brand and platform.


    NeeKKo believes education goes beyond the classroom, which is why she does not limit her scholarship opportunities just to those going to college, but those that also pursure higher education in other ways such as trade schools, vocational schools, cohorts, programs, and more!


    She also believes that no matter how old you are you never stop learning, which is why she does not put an age limit on a student's eligibilty to apply for a scholarship either. The opportunity is all dependent upon a students' will to apply themselves and provide proof that they have sought a higher education opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and/or skill in whatever field they desire.




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    "be your own ceo" cohort fundraiser campaign

    Help us raise $35k to offer full ride scholarships to social impact entrepreneurs who would like to start their own 501c3 nonprofit & learn how to operate their own business at no cost to them!

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